May 2021

As we continue through 2nd quarter, we are striving to meet the demands of the market.  It has been an uphill battle that Klassic Coconut is conquering.  The worldwide coconut shortage has continued to cause shipment delays.  This shortage, along with Covid-19 restrictions continues to put a strain on all users.

On top of the shortages, there is still much difficulty in securing shipping containers. This has continued to cause the shipping costs to remain at an all time high.  The longer transit times also continue at 60-80 days which not so long ago were only 30-40 days.

Due to the continued strain on the market, we do not see relief coming until the 4th quarter, possibly even the 1’st quarter of 2022.  We know that we are now entering typhoon season, but we are going to have hope that we will push through this season.  We really want to see supply increase to ease the current state of the  market.

We will continue to do our best to supply our customers throughout this time.  Please do not let this stop you from reaching out for all your coconut needs.  Klassic Coconut will always respond back letting you know the absolute best we can do for you.

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