Market Report

February 2016

Coconut pricing has continued to soar even into February, due to the lag effects of the draught caused by El Nino, and the possible reaction to the effects of typhoon Nock ten which hit several coconut producing provinces during the Christmas of 2016. It’s difficult to say what effects this typhoon has had on the total supply of coconuts for the coming year. Rest assured, that our suppliers factories as well as their local supply lines were hardly affected/hit by typhoon Nock ten.  Coconut Oil pricing has been trending higher throughout year 2016 and early February 2017 due to world demand.  This in turn has also caused desiccated prices to trend upwards as well. Shipments are returning to regular schedule after the Christmas shut down. We cannot say when pricing will reach its peak but we still believe that coconut harvest will recover by the 2nd half of this year as the projected effects of El Nino end.

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